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Escape Rooms

I picked up a new hobby recently: solving escape rooms. Say what you will about them, but I find them fun, and some puzzles are quite challenging. Here are a few tips on enjoying a room:

  1. Choose high-tech and high production rooms. They're a lot more enjoyable and they have a cohesive path to the finish. Rooms that are a bit more analog or just have a ton of locks around you can be overwhelming, yet boring. High rated rooms (4.9+ on Google Maps) are a good filter.
  2. Have a small group and choose only private rooms. The right people make the difference. Having separate groups or groups of strangers can divide the knowledge of the room and leave you confused.
  3. Speaking about knowledge, communicate as often as you can. The more heads that know what's going on, the more brainpower and eyes you have on a puzzle to solve.
  4. Puzzle pieces are also puzzles. Not all puzzle pieces are ready to use, or you might be solving a few puzzles at a time. One thing to keep in mind is that most pieces and objects are one-time use.

Here are a couple of places my group found were excellent quality rooms:

The Best Escape Room | The Escape Game NYC
The most reviewed escape room in NYC is The Escape Game. See why thousands of players love these immersive, multi-room adventures.
Really well-built rooms, high quality tech, and can be found across the US.
MyssTic Rooms - Top Rated Escape Rooms in NYC
MyssTic Rooms: the most interactive and immersive escape rooms in Brooklyn. Our adventures are the perfect things to do in NYC, blending theatre and mystery.
Another top choice, with some really engaging puzzles.
NJ Themed Escape Rooms | Escape Garden State | Fairfield, NJ
Escape Garden State features top rated NJ themed escape rooms in Fairfield, New Jersey! 2-8 people work together to try to escape the room before the time runs out. Multiple rooms available. Book today, and see if you can Escape the Garden State!
The design of these rooms is unique and well-built, they have some challenging ones too.