Steven Lu
co-founder of interseller, software engineer & health fanatic

I’m a full stack software engineer in New York City. I’ve been building websites and engaging products ever since I was a teenager. I enjoy writing node.js, AngularJS and iOS applications and thrive in startup environments.

When I’m not working, I spend my time at the gym, cooking and being adventurous. Ever since I decided to take a stand on my weight I made my health and well-being a priority.

I co-founded and currently working on a company called Interseller. We help people find new potential customers by finding their contact info and reaching out to them automatically through an email sequence. We then sync all that data in to your CRM (like Salesforce). If you want more of the nitty-gritties about my background check out my LinkedIn.


Aug 18, 2015 Make a release on every commit
Mar 31, 2015 Making your worker functions process with stability
Mar 23, 2015 Just some basic operations to get started

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